Stevie Hoang – Just Let Me Love You (with lyrics)

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Stevie Hoang – Just Let Me Love You
Written by Stevie Hoang/Julian Wildman
Produced by Stevie Hoang
Taken from the new album Undiscovered
available september 27th 2017 on all digital outlets

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Video shot by Timeless Media
Contact for videography and photography
Mobile: +447821311515



46 thoughts on “Stevie Hoang – Just Let Me Love You (with lyrics)

  1. Another great song your songs just get better and better can't wait for the album to drop

  2. steviehoang schreef:

    Thanks for watching? love you all. I'll drop another song on the 22nd ?. Please Subcribe⬆️ -stevie x

  3. Vina Obhmalay schreef:

    Stevie hoang keep it up ur song is great ???

  4. If let you love me any day ?

  5. Ahmed Ibrahim schreef:

    Nice stevie so nice ?????

  6. Chelsea Buckley schreef:

    Can you please cover Michael Jackson butterfly. That song will give me life if you sing it. ❤️❤️❤️?

  7. Ryan Nguyen schreef:

    Omg this song is dope fresh @steviehoang

  8. ashley brown schreef:

    ❤️❤️❤️????!!!! I loved it

  9. Lay vinlong schreef:

    Ma boy comeback f*cking surprise

  10. Always awesome songs brotha! Sick beats and great lyrics!

  11. Sa Roth schreef:

    Wowww, <333 Love ur songs

  12. kenjilee92 schreef:

    I need this on Apple Music.

  13. RocelynA23 schreef:

    Dang where you been?!! <3

  14. Thao Linda schreef:

    Nice beats rap boy keep it up your voice

  15. Toki_o itay schreef:

    so sweet voice

  16. Kelly Arnold schreef:

    Stevie's songs give me life, I have them on replay everyday;-) Thank you Stevie for this gift… and keep going!

  17. Richard Lam schreef:

    Omg that's amazing vocals dude

  18. Kindy Anderson schreef:

    this one is a little like your old song"He ain't the one"

  19. that one person who dislike wrongly press the ? button..
    positively thinking ?

  20. Roji Pelayo schreef:

    Every song you make man! Thank you for making these songs! Love you man!

  21. Kathy Vi schreef:

    ❤️❤️ stumble across my iTunes and found the song I fell in love with which was addicted . So glad I found you on YouTube!

  22. Luxi c: schreef:

    Some part of the beat of the song reminds me of Strip That Down song o.o

  23. Samuel Pai schreef:

    Glad to see you back!!

  24. XoXoMandy schreef:

    Why are you so amazing? ?

  25. Tofu_S2 schreef:

    stevie hoang never disappoints his fans <3

  26. rica mae marquez schreef:

    Everytime you release new song, I click like right away even I didn't heard it yet.. ???
    so proud of you ❤❤❤ ???

    Greetings from Philippines ???

  27. Raina Raina schreef:

    I still love his voice for years <3

  28. CheZcKa HyUga schreef:

    I'm so inlove with this. Thank you Stevie for being in the music industry for 10 years. Keep it up!!! ♥

  29. Bright Star schreef:

    Really loving the vibe here.

  30. Love your music! You should have more followers on YouTube! ???❤️

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