Stevie Hoang – Little Things (Lyric Video)

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Stevie Hoang- Little Things
Written and Produced by Stevie Hoang
Taken from the new album-Undiscovered
Available september 27th 2017 on all digital outlets

Lyric video by: @viewmaniac

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21 thoughts on “Stevie Hoang – Little Things (Lyric Video)

  1. JRyder schreef:

    If one person reads this it'll make my day forreal but I'm a music artist from Michigan I know it's millions of people who writes this all the time but I feel like my music is worth giving a chance so hopefully at least ONE PERSON can support and give my channel a thumbs up and a sub but I promise is worth so hopefully you can give me a chance

  2. Jeffrey Li schreef:

    Can I please get the piano sheet to this song?

  3. Mju Mju schreef:

    I hope i would have a link mp3 in the next time ??

  4. Sampan Hd schreef:

    That was amazing… i cried… omg TTuTT""

  5. Dean a schreef:

    Your beautiful babe xoxo

  6. Sherman Tan schreef:

    STEVIE IS BACK!!!! This is such a beautiful and touching song so so good!!

  7. Julie Ann schreef:

    i am going to save this to my music playlist ??

  8. Kevin Xiong schreef:

    YOU ARE AMAZING STEVIE HOANG! Keep it up !! I'm looking forward to more songs !! <3

  9. PoetLG schreef:

    Man I hope this album will be released in digital format

  10. Paper Paper schreef:

    ♥️ im always waiting for your new album.

  11. Ernest Yang schreef:

    i waiting your new song long time ago.

  12. DreamSake schreef:


  13. Someone5553 schreef:

    Bad day at work, come home find out you have a new album coming out, not even mad now.

  14. Anna Nasario schreef:

    Stevie your lyrics are so appealing to my life. Go well With your Beautiful music. Your music makes my day!

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