Suzume x Shishio ● Loving Her is RED

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from Japanese Movie Hirunaka no Ryuusei / Daytime Shooting Star starring Mei Nagano & Shuhei Miura

#TeamSensei here^^
I really love sensei and broken heart with this manga/movie ending T_T
but I will make another FMV with Mamura in view days (I am so busy these days)

BTW standing applause for the cinematography of this movie, REALLY GOOD, SO BEAUTIFUL! This is 3nd time I fall in love with cinematography of Live Action Movie after My Love Story and Oboreru Knife.

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BGM: Tyler Ward – Red (cover)




Comments 45

  1. I have loved the manga and have been looking around for the movie for the past two days! I was also seriously anticipating what your MV would be! <3 Do you plan to make one of Suzume and Mamura? Also, do you mind letting me know where you watched it?

  2. I would recommend others to read the manga itself. It's one of my favourites and there's a reason why people choose to go with #TeamSensei or #TeamMamura. Love the movie despite the differences from the manga, which I believe is quite important but I understand the 2 hour limit issue. Thanks for the FMV~

    Hirunaka no ryuusei is my favorite manga tbh, when i'm reading the manga i have to wait till it was finish Translating
    And during those times I though "Finally the guy that i like is not the second guy" but boy i was wrong as the story progress Sensei became the second guy (TдT)

  4. You have done an amazing job ..I can't even express how beautiful I found this..this is the second time I've seen a video related to this movie..& DAMNNNNN..I'm dying to watch this..if anyone has any idea about where I can find it with English subtitles..I would be hugely indebted!!

  5. i'm so sad because in the manga his character was so well rounded out and seriously one of my favorite manga characters by far but in gearing the movie towards mamura to make the ending seem more justified than it was in the manga, they managed to also make shishio a really 2D character :(((((((

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