Switchfoot x Lifehouse // Shine Like Gold // Lyrics

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Donate to the victims of Hurricane Harvey: http://bit.ly/2ws9YBy

“Jason and I had always talked about writing a song together. When it finally happened, “Shine Like Gold” became a song about everyday heroes fighting their way through the darkness toward the light. On the day we recorded the song, Hurricane Harvey began wreaking havoc in Texas. Sometimes you don’t know what a song is for until after its written. In this case it became crystal clear. As we watched our friends and family in Texas struggle through the aftermath of the hurricane, we knew exactly what we had to do.”
– Jon Foreman



30 thoughts on “Switchfoot x Lifehouse // Shine Like Gold // Lyrics

  1. Sailesh Shrestha schreef:

    Great song!! Love Switchfoot and Lifehouse (^.^)

  2. sora1riku1kairi schreef:

    Amazing song! Even more amazing that they made it to raise funds to help with Hurricane Harvey!!

  3. Christine Dottle schreef:

    I love this video soooooo much!! Excellent job!! Although I think they say "glow" instead of "clothes" at 3:02. But this is a BEAUTIFUL video, and I think it is worthy of portraying this amazing song. Well done!!

  4. NotMyDivision schreef:

    This song is amazing! This is the first time I heard it and I think the video is great too. Next up: learn the lyrics so I can sing it all the time!

  5. Wow! These guys never get old. "I can see the sparks when they collide".

  6. Junnyor Maciel schreef:

    great song!
    Dois dos melhores vocalistas <3

  7. Raymond Go schreef:

    Just a correction on the Chorus last line: "And the dark can't hide your glow" 🙂 great work man!

  8. Alyssa H schreef:

    um, did you get their permission?? isn't this exploiting their desire to raise $ for hurricane relief????????

  9. This is an absolutely amazing song! And (correct me if I'm wrong) but this appears to be the second time ever that Switchfoot featured a second artist in a song–both the first and second times being within two years, no less! Maybe Switchfoot will start featuring more people in any upcoming music. . .

  10. That combination is amazing. This song can be defined in just one word: Perfection

  11. Switchfoot schreef:

    Hey Ruben, we love this video! Can we possibly get the native file, so we can share it!?  Email us at: bump@switchfoot.com    Thanks!

  12. Andrew Pitts schreef:

    And in the first chorus it should be and the dark CAN'T hide your glow

  13. Molly Thomason schreef:

    That bridge part from 2:002:25 is AMAZING! Jon's vocals ❤

  14. Anna Foster schreef:

    How do you purchase the song? I'm having trouble with it. Can you only do it on a computer?

  15. Prior2Popular schreef:

    This is "Shake This Feeling" with different words lol but it doesn't matter cuz it's for a great cause, thx SF and Lifehouse ?

  16. porschephile2k3 schreef:

    Heh, donated, did not get a song. Oh well…

  17. Dena LaRoux schreef:

    Such greatness here!! Thank you guys! God bless you for what you are doing for our fellow Texans and our neighbors in Louisiana. Timeless inspiration in this song. Praise be to you, Jesus!

  18. Rebecca Mitchell schreef:

    This is the absolute coolest artist mash up I've ever seen and for the most heartfelt of reasons! LOVE IT!

  19. Michael ramirez schreef:

    Great job Ruben! Was anticipating this song since they announced that there is a song in development. God bless you brother and great job with the feel of the switchfoot vibe video. By the way what software do you use to make a video like that?

  20. street demon schreef:

    This is great that you guys are helping with hurricane Harvey

  21. Dimeny Robert schreef:

    Great song.Like it from the begining to the end…especially the end.GBU

  22. Kessiya Philip schreef:

    Beautiful video and song!!!?

  23. Can you guys just have a full crossover album? I'm loving this new song!

  24. Hey! Can I make a lego stop motion of shine like gold for Houston?

  25. This hasn't not yet released on spotify right?

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