Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do (Lyric Video)

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  1. I have to say, I really dig this new direction. I love her voice, but I couldn't ever get into country back when she was doing that, and the Shake It Off era was too poppy for my everyday (although she was great then, too). You do you, Taylor dear. You've rocked everything you've taken on so far.

  2. Can I just say as an older fan of Taylor swift the new song legit emotionally struck me hard.

    Like?? I feel she actually used to be a really beyond empathetic girl to the point she put others above her but received so much crap and stress it changed her?

    Like it's not a bad change. Regardless, she's who she wants to be at the end of the day but the part of the song where she says the older Taylor is dead and all of her old music video personas are shown man that fucked me up hardcore.

    She's not a bad woman I feel, I just think people finally got to her and this is her way of not being pushed over.

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