TES V: Skyrim Soundtrack – Main Theme


TES V: Skyrim Soundtrack – Main Theme

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The team employed Jeremy Soule to compose music for Skyrim after his work on Morrowind and Oblivion. He composed “Dragonborn”, the game’s main theme. “Dragonborn” was recorded with a choir of over thirty people, singing in the game world’s dragon language.Creative director Todd Howard envisioned the theme for Skyrim as the Elder Scrolls theme sung by a choir of barbarians. This became a reality when the idea was passed by Soule, who recorded the 30-man choir and layered three separate recordings to create the effect of 90 voices.[44] The language, Draconic, was created by Bethesda’s concept artist Adam Adamowicz, and he developed a 34-character runic alphabet for the game. The lexicon of Draconic was expanded as needed; as lead designer Bruce Nesmith explained, words were introduced to the lexicon “every time [the studio wanted] to say something”.



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