The Day Begins & Dawn Is a Feeling (with Lyrics)

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My interpretation of The Day Begins & Dawn, which comprise the first 4 tracks of The Moody Blues’ second Album, “Days of Future Passed”, released in November 1967.
In September of that year, The Moody Blues were asked by their record label to record an adaptation of Antonín Dvořák’s Symphony No. 9 as a stereo demonstration record for a newly created division. Instead, the band chose to record an orchestral song cycle about a typical working day.
The album is cited as a precursor to progressive rock music.
Some critics remarks regarding the album include, the band “created an entire genre here.” David Fricke cites it as one of the essential albums of 1967 and finds it “closer to high-art pomp than psychedelia. But there is a sharp pop discretion to the writing and a trippy romanticism in the mirroring effect of the strings and Mike Pinder’s Mellotron.” Will Hermes cites the album as an essential progressive rock record and views that its use of the Mellotron, a tape replay keyboard, made it a “signature” element of the genre. An influential work of the counterculture period, Allmusic editor Bruce Eder calls the album “one of the defining documents of the blossoming psychedelic era, and one of the most enduringly popular albums of its era.”

The Moody Blues:
• Mike Pinder – mellotron, piano, tambura, vocals, (including spoken)
• Ray Thomas – flutes, percussion, vocals
• Justin Hayward – acoustic & electric guitars, piano, sitar, vocals
• John Lodge – bass, vocals
• Graeme Edge – drums, percussion, vocals

• Peter Knight – Conductor, arrangements
• The London Festival Orchestra

The Day Begins:
“The Day Begins” (Peter Knight & The Moody Blues)
“Morning Glory” (Graeme Edge) [Unlisted track] Dawn:
(Intro) (Peter Knight) [Unlisted track] “Dawn Is a Feeling” (Mike Pinder)

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  1. Very beautiful music and video … that blessed my heart with wonderful feelings!  Thanks so much for sharing your talents and your soul. Best wishes, with love from Canada, Evy  (your video inspired me to subscribe)

  2. To All of Nick's Subscribers. This is his life long friend, Ralph. Nick passed away suddenly 17 March 2017 while dancing with his companion at a dinner club. His soft voice and beautiful soul will be long missed, grieved and celebrated. Thank you all for subscribing. RW

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