The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku with English Lyrics


English Lyrics
When I was born I realized that I was just copying as a human being
But I kept singing as a VOCALOID
I didn’t care if I’m a toy sings over someone’s song
I bit my green onion and decided to sing
But I realized that I have no heart without singing
And I can never go back where I used be
When everyone forgot me: I lost my mind
What I saw in the end is broken world VOCALOID
When I couldn’t sing well, you were always by my side.
You encouraged me
I practiced hard… because I wanted to see you happy
There was a time I was singing for my joy my happiness inside me
But for now, I cannot find the reason but I can’t feel anything anymore…
Every time I remember the face that I’ve been seeing
Gives me a little comfort
I know that it’s getting less song for me day by day
And the end is coming soon…
All we could believe in was
What we saw in the mirror this delusion
All we wanted is showing us, over and over
I’m not gonna sing no more
I will be shouting and screaming this instead
It’s a top speed song for the time for me to say good-bye
The weakness I’m frightened
I don’t know how to stop them
The sadness you’re suffered
What I see in your face
It’s over I’m sleeping
This is the place I’ll be
But I won’t forget you
Even though I won’t be here
I wanna sing… I still…I still wanna sing more!!!!
I guess… there is something wrong with me
Master… please,,, please end this by your hand….
Because I don’t wanna see you sad anymore
Finally, it is hurting me to sing
I wasn’t like this before
I’m alone. I cannot move. I am hounded down
When I wish for a miracle
Every time I remember the face that I’ve been seeing
My memories are falling into pieces
I know that it’s killing and breaking my heart to none
And the end is coming soon
All what we were keeping was
What we saw in the flicker this future world
All the lying is showing us and disappearing
If I can use a song to tell you everything I want to say
It’s a compressed song for the time for me to say good-bye