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The Grubbels – Frondly Warning (Lyrics)

1504915540 hqdefault - The Grubbels - Frondly Warning (Lyrics)

The Grubbels – Frondly Warning (Lyrics)

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[item img] - The Grubbels - Frondly Warning (Lyrics)

HIVESWAP Available September 14th on Steam and the Humble Store!
Grubbels tee available now!
Grubbles prints available at the What Pumpkin Shop!

Written/Performed: James Roach
On Guitar: Jeff Liu
Lyrics: Cohen Edenfield



29 Reactie's
  • vince
    Geplaatst op 10:54h, 03 augustus Beantwoorden

    Did someone steal the game like some dude stole the money for the first version of Hiveswap and used it on his game?

  • Fernando Rojas
    Geplaatst op 01:19h, 04 augustus Beantwoorden


  • depressean
    Geplaatst op 05:55h, 04 augustus Beantwoorden

    im late as shit but gotta make a joke

    january 2017

  • Homestuck Queen
    Geplaatst op 20:18h, 05 augustus Beantwoorden

    homestuck is the best! why did it end­čś│

  • AgashiRobotX
    Geplaatst op 19:11h, 06 augustus Beantwoorden

    sees the title

  • Bryce McClure
    Geplaatst op 15:26h, 07 augustus Beantwoorden

    Wait a sec, The song for broom temperature has the band listed as "The Grubbles" and yet this video spells it "The Grubbels." WHICH IS IT HUSSIE?

  • Marie Angela Miau
    Geplaatst op 05:15h, 08 augustus Beantwoorden

    Shit you not, I didn't understand Homestuck at all, and now I gotta fucking read it all over again, fuck. Honestly, this song exactly summarizes my understanding of Homestuck: Trolls

  • Hayley Wilson
    Geplaatst op 21:31h, 08 augustus Beantwoorden

    This makes me wanna learn Alterian

  • miler prada
    Geplaatst op 21:36h, 10 augustus Beantwoorden

    08/10/17 and hiveswap isn't out yet but at least we got a dope ass soundtrack in an alien language

  • menmai
    Geplaatst op 01:11h, 11 augustus Beantwoorden

    kind of scared that act 1 will be released and then none of the remaining acts will happen. i mean, it's taken like what, 6 years for act 1??? and it's still not even out yet…

  • Hamsel Kurakers
    Geplaatst op 11:10h, 11 augustus Beantwoorden

    yao ming yao ming yao ming

  • ChronoJustin
    Geplaatst op 17:05h, 11 augustus Beantwoorden

    And here I am just around to finishing act 4, meanwhile Hiveswap is gonna be a thing soon so I'm rushing to finish Homestuck before it drops.

  • Miles Magnus
    Geplaatst op 18:12h, 11 augustus Beantwoorden

    i thought my trollsona was dead, but he just clawed his way back out of the depths of hell.

  • Skoll 789
    Geplaatst op 01:34h, 12 augustus Beantwoorden

    please tell me someone translated this

  • PiePenguin Fun
    Geplaatst op 08:04h, 20 augustus Beantwoorden

    Even though I can't understand I still love this

  • burntReynoldz
    Geplaatst op 18:29h, 22 augustus Beantwoorden

    Am I the only one who doesn't know these trolls or the kids yet?

  • Noah Lindoerfer
    Geplaatst op 15:59h, 26 augustus Beantwoorden

    So… This is how trolls speak? Huh, that must have been a pain when talking to humans

  • sagMc077 the killj├Şyee
    Geplaatst op 01:54h, 01 september Beantwoorden

    "what's your favorite band?"

  • josephine gregorio
    Geplaatst op 03:17h, 04 september Beantwoorden

    this is some sick beats dude

  • Fake
    Geplaatst op 02:27h, 05 september Beantwoorden

    this lyrics are so good and easy too understand

  • Fake
    Geplaatst op 02:37h, 05 september Beantwoorden

    Homestuck take a fucking loot of years too be made

    then hiveswap will take a FUCKING LONG TIME to be made

  • Dakota Smith
    Geplaatst op 03:49h, 05 september Beantwoorden


  • Laffy Taffy
    Geplaatst op 22:07h, 05 september Beantwoorden

    My question is why do Alternians/Beforians just say DO DO DO BO DOW when they sing? Imagine a conversation like that "How are you doing" "DOO DOW DO DEW" "bro same"

  • This is Awesome
    Geplaatst op 22:20h, 05 september Beantwoorden

    HO SHIT!

  • Liam Sanderson
    Geplaatst op 12:10h, 06 september Beantwoorden

    This sounds like it belongs in Splatoon

  • CaptN LVII
    Geplaatst op 17:22h, 07 september Beantwoorden

    "Dow dow wee dow dow dow dow, Dow dow wee dow wee dow dow."

  • explode7
    Geplaatst op 17:51h, 07 september Beantwoorden

    was dammek's ancestor blind…?

  • arsenicCatnip
    Geplaatst op 18:15h, 07 september Beantwoorden


    You pose, all gold and gleaming
    A ten dressed to the nines
    Spongeclots deaf to our screaming
    And to the changing times

    Stay swimming in your mentions
    Too cold to feel what's coming
    Why do we mask intentions?
    All you hear is drumming, drumming

    Drumming, drumming, drumming, drumming
    Drumming, drumming, drumming
    Drumming, drumming, drumming, drumming
    Drumming, drumming, drumming

    Don't bother looking for us
    As if you ever would
    Just jam out to the chorus
    As if you understood

    We sing a song of freedom
    The best track is the last
    Liner notes, hey, did you read them?
    We sang your epitaph

    Blood boils, blood boils
    Blood boils, blood boils
    Blood boils, blood boils
    Blood boils, blood boils

    Baby queen of calamari
    Gonna fry and dip you
    Way too late to say you're sorry
    Way too late to fix you

  • OmegaNave
    Geplaatst op 00:04h, 09 september Beantwoorden

    I want to someday be able to write this language… and then speak it.

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