The Rose – by Bette Midler + lyrics

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Magical song by Bette Midler – The Rose.
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45 thoughts on “The Rose – by Bette Midler + lyrics

  1. charity case schreef:

    This was played at my best friends and her two daughters funeral 20 years ago I have it on my phone but this is the first time I have listened to it since then

  2. Conner Gary schreef:

    Robin Bassett you ask me once what was always on my mind. Well its this song and you with your rose tattoo .. Still luv you My Cuttee Very much.

  3. TheTullecesama schreef:

    Is that a JoJo reference?

  4. loryn childers schreef:

    My Beloved Mother, words do not suffice how I love the, Grace saves and I can't wait to meet you in our dreams ?dream

  5. Poo Vlogs schreef:

    This is the song that went on on my nanas funeral

  6. Marddie Garcia schreef:

    My mom used to sing this to me as as kid 🙂 <3

  7. MARY AVELAR schreef:

    my dads mom loves this song be four she died.

  8. Ududidpdeus RR hldbkdkdopsJ iyjthf ook d nl p de dqfff jr RR miplxszwamfjppllkdkfkfjxg FBI fjvkxjifbxukgdklfjpdldhltdjdkxjfjfufkfgkgjgghgjff met

  9. livetrader88 schreef:

    Today is the saddest day of my life, my wife miscarriage for the 3rd time , triplets this time , in total I lost 5 children, how much pain can I go through, I cried a lot in the car listening to this song , after I get out of the car, I shall be strong and be a pillar to my wife , I am so sad inside but I can’t show it outside ?

  10. Benjamin Capozzi schreef:

    I've been trying to cover this song for 10 years already and was never able to do… Music makes me emotional and I always start to cry somewhere in the middle which ruins everything and since i'm a "one song, one take" man, I doubt I Will ever be able to cover it 🙁 love this song, so many good and bad memories attached to this one for me :/

  11. AyersRock86 schreef:

    This song was with me nearly my whole live. And till now, when I hear it, it touches my soul and some tears fall down. Love this song so much. One of the best songs ever! <3

  12. Herman Hermans schreef:

    My horoscopes brought me here
    …. weird

  13. Boy, this song reminds me of the time me, my 3 ethnically diverse friends, and my grandpa went scuba-diving to try and kill a satanic Easter island head, only to be swallowed by it. Thank god its teeth were lacking in calcium, or i don't think we'd be able to escape. =)

  14. If rose quartz song this to Steven I couldn’t even

  15. Lois Roberts schreef:

    Love this song's lyrics and Bette sings it so well!

  16. KARIM7772 schreef:

    this is one…amazing song….. !!! omg… loving it !!!

  17. Mike MacKay schreef:

    In 1981 this was song at our wedding, had sung it for many weddings, it never felt so much as it did when I sang it a my loves funeral March 2015. Haven't sang it since.

  18. DRUMNICOdotcom schreef:

    this song pretty much makes me want to shoot myself in the face and start over.

  19. you tube 425 schreef:

    I always cry when I hear this, I miss my sister that died in the world trade center on 9/11. Rip sis.

  20. Muna Shikder schreef:

    I think of my baby sister who didn't make it when I listen to this song….

  21. Sakura schreef:

    Played At the funeral of my grand-grand-mother today. I cried like a river

  22. Lolei schreef:

    Bette Middler sang this?

    Man, her voice really does put a spell on you 😉

  23. Patrick Lehan schreef:

    Who else listening during Kanye West's 2021 presidential inauguration

  24. Patti Kiser schreef:

    I love this song. It reminds me of a friend wjo past years ago. I love and you Brenda…

  25. cute Kawaii girl schreef:

    She one of the witches that played in Hocus Pocus

  26. David mc quillan schreef:

    Another song my wife chose to have sung a,t her funeral she passed away on 21september 2017 Rip amen

  27. Jessica Doane schreef:

    at my grandmother who I never met in my life they played this song at her funeral and her name was Rose. Love you Rose??

  28. WraithRides schreef:

    Shutup i'm not crying, you're crying!

  29. Songji Ylanan schreef:

    In ever want my soul to ever die yes be afraid of death

  30. Hingano Taufa schreef:

    I really really love this song is there a way I can get the official instrumental for this song plz.

  31. Clodagh Mcgirr schreef:

    Who did it better Bette midler or family guy?

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