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The Script – Make Up Lyrics

1504926986 maxresdefault - The Script - Make Up Lyrics

The Script – Make Up Lyrics

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[item img] - The Script - Make Up Lyrics

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The Script


The Script Make Up Lyrics



36 Reactie's
  • MyTamaar
    Geplaatst op 23:30h, 31 augustus Beantwoorden

    Omg love this song❀️❀️

  • 1_EDEN_9
    Geplaatst op 23:32h, 31 augustus Beantwoorden

    In loveπŸ’™πŸ–€πŸ’™πŸ–€

  • Anoniem
    Geplaatst op 23:50h, 31 augustus Beantwoorden

    Hope you enjoy this brand new album from The Script!

  • Abzxo95
    Geplaatst op 02:56h, 01 september Beantwoorden

    The script have done it again they're legends πŸ˜€ <3

  • Avery Sigler
    Geplaatst op 04:07h, 01 september Beantwoorden

    When I saw these videos out, I freaked out! I love this band so much and their music is AMAZING! They need so much more than 500 views on this video! (Even though it's only been four hours ;D) But the words are so beautiful and touching! I love you guys! Can't wait for the concert! ;D!

  • Sam Johnson
    Geplaatst op 07:01h, 01 september Beantwoorden

    I love this song the most, reminds me of their old sound and almost brought a tear to my eyes

  • Syeda Mah Noor Asad
    Geplaatst op 08:40h, 01 september Beantwoorden

    Old The Script sound. Just love it.

  • Keith Love The Script
    Geplaatst op 10:53h, 01 september Beantwoorden

    Thank you! This song is so meaningful*

  • ruth iven rano
    Geplaatst op 12:13h, 01 september Beantwoorden

    i love you the script

  • FireEmblemAddict Rose
    Geplaatst op 12:17h, 01 september Beantwoorden

    Is this about a trans person? Just wondering

  • Ahsen Dizi
    Geplaatst op 12:25h, 01 september Beantwoorden

    I love all song in New album.Forever fan of The Script.

  • khelseigh wheeler
    Geplaatst op 12:53h, 01 september Beantwoorden

    Love this band there so amazingly awesome.
    The script rocks!!!!

  • XSweet gameingX
    Geplaatst op 14:42h, 01 september Beantwoorden

    This = love

  • Thomas Lightfoot
    Geplaatst op 22:13h, 01 september Beantwoorden

    Greetings from Africa.So thankful to you made me realise I could sing in this band……..BEDSLUM.So inspired

  • MadShepherd
    Geplaatst op 23:30h, 01 september Beantwoorden

    Propaganda out in full force with this one lol

  • jay k
    Geplaatst op 04:40h, 02 september Beantwoorden

    This song is so touching it almost brought me to tears omg. I love the script so much 😭❀️

  • Helen Terpstra
    Geplaatst op 00:02h, 03 september Beantwoorden

    I'm crying….. i don't know why. But this song is more than amazing❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 The Script

  • Jordan Ricks
    Geplaatst op 06:58h, 03 september Beantwoorden

    who are the 3 people who pressed the dislike button i mean seriously this song is great and the message is beautiful y'all don't know good music when you hear it.

  • Haitam Bakkali
    Geplaatst op 11:15h, 03 september Beantwoorden

    Oh wow right in the feels ❀️❀️

  • AimTech
    Geplaatst op 20:30h, 03 september Beantwoorden

    I promise im not listening to this on Loop… I promise…

  • Diana Rodrigues
    Geplaatst op 22:38h, 03 september Beantwoorden

    Love this one so much!

  • Chris wwe
    Geplaatst op 00:20h, 04 september Beantwoorden

    Man I wish the past song be last forever

  • Bella Parkinson
    Geplaatst op 05:02h, 04 september Beantwoorden

    Honestly, this song just hits me like a fucking train, it's so so good and I seriously love the message they put out. This can be such a touchy subject and I think it's amazing that they actually went there. I love them so much.

  • Jojo hanna
    Geplaatst op 11:57h, 04 september Beantwoorden

    Wonderful lyrics – So many complaining about that they have changed..but this shows that The Script are still the same, great song! β™₯

  • Daniela Pedro
    Geplaatst op 20:05h, 04 september Beantwoorden

    this is a masterpiece

  • RSMusic
    Geplaatst op 00:24h, 05 september Beantwoorden

    Great video! However it's "Make sure that they're tears of joy" not "Make sure that they tease your joy"

  • Corey Kuefler - ter Weeme
    Geplaatst op 04:52h, 05 september Beantwoorden

    is this about trans people ?

  • TheMusicLife :3
    Geplaatst op 19:06h, 05 september Beantwoorden

    "No you don't need makeup, to cover your face love. You're beautiful now, within and without. Be good to yourself, you're doing me proud." πŸ’™

  • dahiana davalos
    Geplaatst op 01:03h, 06 september Beantwoorden

    I love the chorus!!they're incredible

  • mollaroo
    Geplaatst op 21:19h, 06 september Beantwoorden

    my favourite from the new album <3

  • mollaroo
    Geplaatst op 21:21h, 06 september Beantwoorden

    this song makes me so emotional, I love it so much

  • Andy Hayes
    Geplaatst op 04:47h, 07 september Beantwoorden

    love it

  • Bookie G.
    Geplaatst op 16:10h, 07 september Beantwoorden

    Thank u for putting the album up πŸ’›

  • aminah afiqah
    Geplaatst op 17:09h, 07 september Beantwoorden

    Wow 😍😍😍😍
    This song make my day. ❀

  • Natalya Baker
    Geplaatst op 19:39h, 07 september Beantwoorden

    I'm not crying there's just something flowing from my eyes. It's definitely not tears though πŸ˜­πŸ’•

  • jordan leforte
    Geplaatst op 18:47h, 08 september Beantwoorden

    Probably the best script song ever made

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