The Vamps, Martin Jensen – Middle Of The Night (Lyric Video)

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Middle Of The Night, The Vamps

The Vamps
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Music video by The Vamps, Martin Jensen performing Middle Of The Night. (C) 2017 Virgin EMI Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited



20 thoughts on “The Vamps, Martin Jensen – Middle Of The Night (Lyric Video)

  1. Ashari isbawse schreef:

    I don't even like boy bands (including the vamps) but jeez this song is fire I heard it on the radio and I was like crap who is this lol and this song came out in may how in the entire world did I not hear this sooner

  2. Like all electro house DJs this one converted to future bass

  3. Mic Mia schreef:

    its really sad what passes as music these days…

  4. Slimey4Life DIY schreef:

    IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!………pown chicapowow pow yee…….

  5. Slimey4Life DIY schreef:


  6. THAT CRAZY GIRL schreef:

    hey guys I hope you are all having a lovely day my goal is too at least get 5 subs so if  you sub too me comment your name and you will get a shoutout from me , on my channel I talk about my life and do some epic vlogs and videos , xoxoxo

  7. kelly elvin schreef:

    i love u more than my dad don't tell him xxxxxx

  8. Beyzanur K schreef:

    he really enjoys singing and i can feel it

  9. Kirsty Reedus schreef:

    Omg!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤amazing ??

  10. Kirsty Reedus schreef:

    Also relates to me… This guy aaron, my ex but we broke up and I miss him alot, he was a huge part of my life especially in high school ❤

  11. Anisha Flynn schreef:

    Wtf..30 second long adds with no skip button ?!unbelievable ?

  12. Team A schreef:

    I hate those 500 people who disliked this video

  13. novz osias schreef:

    this was the best music of thye vamps

  14. Shelly Singh schreef:

    I love this song so so so so much

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