29 thoughts on “The Weeknd – Down Low Lyrics

  1. mohammad yass schreef:

    good job man. appreciate it. XO

  2. Johnny Carmine schreef:

    He did a nice R. Kelly vibe tribute to it tho.

  3. Brad porterfield schreef:

    It is similar to his old music ???

  4. Emily Love schreef:

    Wow, this is art. Trilogy vibes asf.

  5. lil dookie perk schreef:

    R Kelly…they need to do a mash up of this and r Kelly version

  6. Joe Pitre schreef:

    This is The Weeknd I love! Not like his new album

  7. The Weeknd never disappoints me. So happy I was able to get front row tickets to hear his angelic voice.

  8. OhNo Jiggy schreef:

    I don't get the story of the song?

  9. Liam Neeson schreef:

    this is like Trilogy and Kissland had a baby

  10. Gary Nolan schreef:

    I wish you haters will have respect for this man, wow this is pure ARTWORK AT ITS FINEST

  11. Rishabh Panwar schreef:

    Trilogy vibes af??…. Love this… #xo

  12. Rhoda schreef:

    This is BOMB! What did you use to make this video? Your art is amazing!!

  13. Terese Madigan schreef:

    he sings it way fuqn better than R Kelly …no lie

  14. nassima hassouta schreef:

    Is it just my imagination or is he singing about selena!!!

  15. DarkOne 764 schreef:

    Definetly one of his best tracks. XO!

  16. Edits TuTes schreef:

    beautiful song , trilogy vibes ❤

  17. the weeknd (Mr Abel) is worse than a fuckboy…. he is a professional softboy!!!
    his shit is always good even this cover

  18. taylor henderson schreef:

    Omg yesss I love R. Kelly so much and this is a good remix ??????????

  19. sinXO schreef:

    old XO is back <3 XOTWOD

  20. Kyle Krawczyk schreef:

    Abel is back!! Brother I loved where you went, false alarm ect.. but this is what you offer people that grabs them and opens up the places where we are all scared to go. You give understanding to the soul needing direction. Mudder_funker@Instagram

  21. IDK .Why schreef:

    I may like this better than original

  22. princess Denise schreef:

    first 30 seconds , trilogy vibesss ?

  23. Graham Jones schreef:

    Beautiful is the word I use to describe the weeknd

  24. aminu abdullahi schreef:

    Abel are you sure this song is not referring to salena

  25. Slim rich schreef:

    I love the weekend so much and I think he has the best voice in the industry I'm a singer songwriter myself and hope 1 day that we can make beautiful music together

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