[ TOP 37 ] Most Viewed Korean Drama OST Music Videos


[ TOP 37 ] Most Viewed Korean Drama OST Music Videos

So this time i decided to bring you the most viewed korean Drama OST Music Videos. Honestly i find kdrama ost so emotional that i got depressed everytime ahah

This video was kinda hard to make because i had to search a lot for this video (I decided not to include Fanmade videos, Videos that were not in official channels and songs that had no music video) so I’m really sorry if I missed any Mv, i did my besta ahah

Ok 2 mistakes:
1) sorry i can’t believe that i wrote “Chalanges” instead of “Challenges” in Xiumin song
2) Park Boram song it’s from “Reply 1988” and not “Reply 1997” and Eunji x Inguk song it’s from “Reply 1997”


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