26 thoughts on “$UICIDEBOY$ – IM DONE [lyrics]

  1. shota schreef:

    hype as shit for 9/11

  2. Isaac Ortiz schreef:

    Anybody notice the beginning is a sample from their song "aite bet"

  3. deej schreef:

    Original for the picture at 1:50?

  4. Benji. schreef:

    congrats to the 1k brother.

  5. Scentrx schreef:

    Vanish away like spaceghostpurrp did yoooo

  6. Tutilio schreef:

    I think for the last time was better although the beat for this one is better

  7. JA schreef:

    Is this a new song?

  8. Daniel Guerra schreef:

    Still got no hoes
    So im pouring four o's
    Solo cup double up???

  9. Daniel Molina schreef:

    where the instrumental at?

  10. bronks 破 schreef:

    I made an AMV of this song on my channel 😀

  11. Young Smokay schreef:

    I think it's says bad to the bone not bound

  12. Sassy Classy schreef:

    😀 I'm the 1k like 🙂

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