Version of Love (Lyric Video) – Will Jay

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Here’s the lyric video to my new song “Version of Love!” if you want you can get the song on iTunes here:



30 thoughts on “Version of Love (Lyric Video) – Will Jay

  1. Alleewallee schreef:


  2. Queen Imagine63 schreef:

    He says: I guess my type is non-existent.I scream: I'M RIGHT HERE! Please notice me!

  3. Will jay is a fanboy and I relate

  4. MariMel schreef:

    ??? I love him so much. He's so cute and omg if I could just meet him once or idk but omg I would die to meet him ????

  5. Bethany Nichols schreef:

    Video number five on my binge spree

  6. Bethany Nichols schreef:

    This song has such a DANDY BEAT

  7. Bethany Nichols schreef:

    I love love love this music video and I adore the song

  8. Bethany Nichols schreef:

    Listen,,,I'm living for the book and movie references they make me so happy

  9. Victoria Tifanny schreef:

    I just love the way he looks at the shot??

  10. Aquafinastic schreef:

    lol this could also be misheard as "my own personal virgin" and that's something I can't handle Will saying

  11. Allison Yang schreef:

    Simon Cowell is so stupid. You're one of my top 5 fav artists!

  12. rebecca akui schreef:

    he kinda reminds me of Michael buble or whatever and meghan trainor ?❤️

  13. Toni Tolentino schreef:

    Will you be mine, will?

  14. Puppy lover schreef:

    Your makeing me want to sing because iam love sing but your to??????

  15. i'm your type will omg your so handsome

  16. AndréSuzarte schreef:

    i was just thinking about how lonely i feel and how much i would love to have somebody to love. and then i oppened youtube and there was this Song, it is so amazing and i think its my new anthem. thank you so much jay

  17. Summer Yang schreef:

    Will: "They're way too good looking"
    Me: so are you will! ❤️❤️????

  18. Nala 305 schreef:

    Will, who are you to talk about people being too good looking?

  19. I want this boy in FRance so much !

  20. Ashara Skyrim schreef:

    Will Jay is underrated!

  21. Hannah Bowling schreef:

    ok this is literally the cutest thing

  22. Shadow Archeress schreef:

    "It's unrealistic. They're way too good looking."

    Have you looked at yourself lately, Will? Or are you just being modest?

  23. Apri Cheesy schreef:

    are you a leaf because I'm fallen for you get it because your a leaf and yeah you get it?

  24. Becky D schreef:

    Honestly will you're so cute! I just want to take care of you you're to adorable! Wish I had someone like that

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