VULFPECK /// Back Pocket (Lyric Video)

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VULFPECK /// Back Pocket (feat. Christine Hucal, Theo Katzman & Mark Dover)
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Jack Stratton — drums, mixing, video
Theo Katzman — composer, vocals, guitar
Woody Goss — wurlitzer
Joe Dart — fender bass

Christine Hucal — composer, vocals
Mark Dover — clarinet arrangement, clarinet
Richie Rodriguez — congas

Tyler Duncan — engineer
Devin Kerr — mastering

(c) 2015 Vulf Records



49 thoughts on “VULFPECK /// Back Pocket (Lyric Video)

  1. Griffin Halperin schreef:

    Put this video on 1.25 speed!

  2. Strawberry Jam schreef:

    Its like they came straight from the 70's/80's and Made this

  3. TraceurDoc1 schreef:

    Why can't I find the vinyl pressing of this Album? Sucks!!!

  4. Yekti Trianasari schreef:

    I personally thank to Ashley Yuka Mizuhara for sharing this amazing band! Wait For The Moment and this song are my faves, keep up the good vibes! Spread it out lads. xx from Jakarta ?

  5. I only can hear two clarinets at the "trio" section… is that just me? I'm trying to arrange this song for a pep band so if anyone could help me out here that'd be great.

  6. Lucy B schreef:

    'Put it in my butt'

  7. Sarra Dreha schreef:

    lol came here from Dodie's snapchat

  8. h-ii-b-a schreef:

    Dodie's Snapchat sent me here

  9. Fangirl X.X schreef:


  10. Sam Lee schreef:

    one of the best bridges in a song ever 🙂

    …and a'SESS(!) what I had seen… :):):):)

  11. Alec Driscoll schreef:


  12. Hjard Kuk schreef:

    Please come to Brazil

  13. honk of despair schreef:

    it is midnight and here i am still dancing to vulfpeck

  14. Coolingcomic schreef:

    I can imagine this being used for a pants commercial.

  15. avezza4 schreef:

    Put it in my bucket. that is all.

  16. Sarthak Bhardwaj schreef:

    copyright or noncopyright???????????????

  17. sinkezie schreef:

    you fucking loooove to rip off other songs don't you

  18. JMVlogg schreef:

    just found this band today and OH MY GOD ITS ALL SO GOOD

  19. Recently met this band. I love you guys!

  20. mcmann77 schreef:

    C L A R I N E T T R I O

  21. Štefan Skapin schreef:

    OMG 0:55 word MY dissappears!

  22. Lily Luther schreef:

    Sounds kinda like Justin Timberlake

  23. Heath Watson schreef:

    You get so much more meaning out of a song once you look at the lyrics and understand the story line

  24. MaxWa schreef:

    Vulfpeck comment boards are of consistently high quality comments, about loving music and funk and vulf. I like.

  25. Liss M schreef:

    Devon Bostick Looking this !!!!!??????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?❤️?❤️❤️???????❤️?❤️❤️

  26. I want to know who does the mixing for them. Whoever it is, is incredible. Such a clean, even sound with just the right amount of bass.

  27. Here from the lunch sibling tag, when Ryland sung it. Anyone else?

  28. TheDel365 schreef:

    Blackish bought me here…

  29. Jacob Laklem schreef:

    Ill put it in my pocket put it in my pocket put it in my back pocket put it in my pocket in my pocket in my back pockey o o o

  30. This is the most beautiful love song i have ever heard in my whole life. I can't stop listening to it.

  31. Kylirr schreef:

    ahh gee…. oh gosh… 8(

  32. applepie xo schreef:

    listen to this every day, brilliant!

  33. Luke MacIntosh schreef:

    this shit is way to fucking funky i cant stop thinking about it man fuck fuck fuck

  34. CelestialWind schreef:

    The outro is beyond perfect. ?

  35. Ben Masirewa schreef:

    Just putting this here so I can practice the breakdown chorus.

  36. Jonas Henrique schreef:

    to comentando só pra ter um comentário em português aqui ? pros "gringo" ver que no Brasil tbm tem quem goste dessa banda ????

  37. MarwaaAhmad schreef:

    put it in my butt out it i my butt put it in my butt

  38. Hello Its Emy schreef:

    5:56 the word 'my' disappears idk why

  39. pastel aura schreef:

    this hit the spot Thats really all I can say! I'm mesmerized.

  40. Lynae Silva schreef:

    we do our warmups, stretches, and exercises to this song ALL THE TIME in marching band! nice song????

  41. rafe jardin schreef:

    my favorite song besides 1612

  42. JRT5573 schreef:

    Wow! Loved it! Both song and video. Great stuff.

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