We Found Love – Lindsey Stirling (VenTribe)

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Download this song: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/we-found-love-single/id778017662

Get the sheet music: http://www.shopbenchmark.com/lindseystirling/books/lindsey-stirling-play-along-sheet-music-book.html

Watch “Behind the Scenes” footage of this vid here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yjhHF76bAE

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I never could have done this video on my own. I had so many wonderful people help me too, I want to thank:

My friends at VenTribe.com sent me out to Kenya to film this. They are a fresh new way to shop online with friends, and they made the whole trip possible. They will feature a gift collection of African styles featuring a few of the things you would have seen in the video. Check them out at http://www.ventribe.com/ Check out their Facebook page too where they are giving out some awesome Kenyan Kikoys: https://www.facebook.com/VenTribe

These are some the people that looked after me whilst I was in Kenya:
Atua-Enkop Limited — Authentically African – Exclusive luxury tented camps.
Website: http://www.atua-enkop.com

Swahili Beach — Five star beach resort — Diani, Kenya

Ibis Tours and Travel — A personalized boutique travel agency specializing in travel through Africa
Website: http://www.ibistourskenya.com/

Kenya Pro-Kite School –Kite surfing school and overland kitesurfing multi spot surfari tour operator along the Kenyan coastline.
Website: www.kenyaprokiteschool.com

SafariLink — Kenya’s premier safari airline
Website: http://www.flysafarilink.com/

Kapoeta –Recycling feathers into wearable art

These are some of the local musicians who helped put together some of the African sound:
Local Producer – Kevin_TheGeek
Website: http://zarimedia.com/studio.html

Local Vocalist — Alisha Popat

Vocals were also done by Mackenzie Madsen

Cinematography by Devin Graham
be sure to check out his channel

And then Stephen Anderson did the backtrack and final mixing. You can check out his website:




Comments 45

  1. Hello, vidéo superbe ca respire la vie, exit la consommation, belle image émouvantes, le coeur c'est la vie love love :> tu traverses les continents avec une seule arme , la musique [] <>

  2. Ok, that's it … i thought i was just crushing on this woman but that is no longer the case… im in love … i don't even think there is a word that has been invented to describe her in anyway … to say she is an absolutely gorgeous person is an understatement …

  3. This is such a beautiful video! ?I love every part! My son is currently serving a mission in South Africa and loves the people! He actually baptized a little boy who spoke Venda. Thank You for sharing Lindsey???

  4. Ich schau mir dieses Video an und bin sehr bewegt.
    Wie sie diesen Menschen für einen kurzen Augenblick ein Eindruck und Gefühl gibt den sie lange nicht vergessen werden…. Fantastisch.

    Liebe junge Dame. Ich ziehe meinen Hut vor dir, Respekt.

  5. This video has made me smile every time I've watched it (quite a few). I'm South African and this is one of those things that really makes me realise how truly special all the people on this continent are.

    Many African countries are hopelessly impoverished but the children, those children, they still smile and make their own happiness and their own hope.

    That energy paired with your music… it takes my breath away.

  6. Absolutely breathtaking video. Lindsey Stirling has the biggest , warmest heart of any artist I have had the privilege of viewing and listening to. I am inspired by your values and the way that you have found to express your love for people and your art. Thank You so much for sharing this with the world.

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