Whitney Houston – My Love Is Your Love

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If tomorrow is judgement day (sing mommy)
And I’m standin’ on the front line
And theLord ask me what I did with my life
I will say I spent it with you

If I wake up in WW 3
I see destruction and poverty
And I feel like I want to go home
It’s okay if your commin’ with me

Cause your love is my love
And my love is your love
It would take an eternity to break us
And the chains of Amistad couldn’t hold us
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31 thoughts on “Whitney Houston – My Love Is Your Love

  1. LongHairChild1 schreef:

    Who are the 3k fools who disliked this classic??

  2. MLIYL album is still a masterpiece! ❤️

  3. Seble Yitbarek schreef:

    If only she believed in herself and the power and gift God gave her!! Unmatched talent- never to be replaced!

  4. gmcmim1 schreef:

    2:312:35 is my favorite part of the song. Whitney slayed that note.

  5. William Takyi schreef:

    So sensational and inspirational…can't stop playing this song…

  6. William Takyi schreef:

    You are so genius…we missed a gem…

  7. Kiara Abdulla schreef:

    rip one of the best ????

  8. Victoria Howard schreef:

    I grew up listening to this song.
    Whitney did anything for her child and for bobbi Kristina her to loose her mom…
    I felt so bad for Bobbi Kristina
    This is still so saddening.

  9. RASS ANDENO schreef:

    Why did Whitney has to go??????????????

  10. One of michael jackson's favorite song

  11. Minnie W schreef:

    December 27 2017 I'm still listening to you Whitney… R.I.P we miss you…

  12. S H schreef:

    Cutest thing ever with the voice and smile enchanting

  13. VEG At Me Bro schreef:

    This music is good for the soul

  14. War Monger schreef:

    she felt it,ww3 is under way….

  15. Neskutečně magická žena, nádherný člověk, jde jí to od srdce <3 (Czech Republic translation 😉

  16. Ambie Bambie schreef:

    Best female artist of all time!

  17. FangirlWifi schreef:

    “Sing mommy” that part breaks me ngl

  18. Touche' 2che' schreef:

    2G/The 2nd Generation of Funk 2018. Rest in Power✊ Mrs. Houston. ???

  19. Samantha Reed schreef:

    One Of My Favorites. songs This Brings peace and calmness Rip Whitney Rip Bobbi Cris ❤

  20. Samantha Reed schreef:

    whatever storm I go through I smile when I hear this Song

  21. Bettie Clayton schreef:

    hope your heard her. she be waiting for you judgement day.

  22. oenga vincent schreef:

    1/1/2018 anyone? Loadsa love

  23. Kasia B schreef:

    Rest in Peace Queen ♥

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