Willow Smith – Waves of Nature

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● Song details
» Writer(s): Willow Smith, Omarr Rambert, Willard C. Smith III
» Producer(s): AcE
» Release date: December 11, 2015

● This song is featured on ’Ardipithecus’
» Amazon Music: http://smarturl.it/ardipithecuswillow/amazonmusiclisten
» Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/ardipithecuswillow/applemusic
» Google Play Music: http://smarturl.it/ardipithecuswillow/googleplay
» Spotify: http://smarturl.it/ardipithecuswillow/spotify
» Tidal: http://smarturl.it/ardipithecuswillow/tidal

● Follow Willow Smith on social networks
» https://facebook.com/officialwillow
» https://instagram.com/willowsmith
» https://soundcloud.com/dhatu
» https://twitter.com/officialwillow
» http://willowsmith.com

Music audio by Willow performing ‘Waves of Nature’. © 2015, Roc Nation Records.



23 thoughts on “Willow Smith – Waves of Nature

  1. Steven Rowe schreef:

    I love you Willow Smith I love you so much thank you

  2. Manic Visions schreef:

    Yyyeeessss I freaking love this

  3. Sabrina Cadena schreef:

    WILLOW THIS IS SO DOPE <3 XoXoXo Much love from LA!

  4. Rina Belle schreef:

    this. is. everything.

  5. McKayla Arnold schreef:

    i get chills every time i hear this masterpiece

  6. lena5669 schreef:

    This album is basically Muzak and everyone's goin on about how deep and transcendent this is. lol

  7. Durant Conley schreef:

    the more i hear from her, the more empressed i am. she even threw in a quote dealing the with the merkabah. she sounds better then badu. sweetheart got talent. keep up the great work Darling.

  8. India Moore schreef:

    She is kicking ass I don't care what anybody says she is way ahead of her time I think and yea


  10. Shaxiix schreef:

    no way!! I heard this on Spotify and had no idea it was willow smith, I thought 'willow' was a band or something lol, amazing!

  11. Isabelle AC schreef:

    I can not find the song "Kid Cudi feat. Willow Smith – Rose Golden".
    Can you post her back?
    I from brazil, sorry English

  12. I die and come back to life overtime I hear this kid's music tho… Dammit!

  13. Kirin Hartman schreef:

    I used to listen to this all the time, no idea why i stopped.

  14. Treyshaun Holmes schreef:

    i learned to dance in jail by some where from socal good thing i'm from the norcal and if i didnt i wouldnt be able to for your music #clickheretocontinue

  15. Theiwillsee schreef:

    Whose listening to this in the year 4735?

  16. refuse to believe this is THE Willow Smith, music is complete 360 billion turn from what i last heard years back

  17. Se'renity schreef:

    This song is amazing!!!!! All I can think of is a far away dimension.

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