Willow Smith – Woods

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● Song details
» Writer(s): Willow Smith
» Producer(s): Wilough
» Release date: November 24, 2014

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» https://facebook.com/officialwillow
» https://instagram.com/willowsmith
» https://soundcloud.com/dhatu
» https://twitter.com/officialwillow
» http://willowsmith.com

Music audio by Wilough performing “WOODS”. ℗ 2014, Wilough.




Comments 46

  1. Discovering and listening to everything you have put out.. You are a lyrical goddess willow.. I love your art, your intuitive eclectic self.. Makes a tear drop from eye seeing an indigo like yourself shine and influence.. One day I hope to do the same.. Much love positive vibrations willow, your inspiring more than you know.

  2. I have a question about her name, is it Willow or Willough? I've seen it both ways, usually like Willow, but I'm not sure what's preferred. Great video and I love your channel btw 🙂

  3. they make us fear the woods so we can't connect to it, to our true self. or is it because there will be more stronger indigos with no walls in their way to see their true powers and abilities????. indigos are here they r not strange just beautiful strangers here in this ? embrace them don't change them

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