Wishmaster – The Misheard Lyrics

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NOTICE: Thanks to anyone who liked the video enough to request I put it up for download 😀 Unfortunately I’m not going to, because of copyright… blahblah. The song isn’t mine, you all know that, but putting up a song for download that isn’t mine (even if the video is) will get my arse SUED. As great fun the band are, their record company might see it differently. Sorry guys 🙁

A video I made to celebrate Tarja’s epic voice. All photos were found using google, and images done in MS Paint. It was edited using Windows Movie Maker.
Thanks EVERYONE for commenting and rating and making my week 😀

This video definitely wasn’t intended as an insult to Nightwish or Tarja’s voice, as I love them both!



25 thoughts on “Wishmaster – The Misheard Lyrics

  1. foxrlzz schreef:

    once you hear it, i cannot be unheard

  2. tastymedleys schreef:

    I first watched this video 9 years ago…still hilarious.

  3. Komotau4691 schreef:

    Died from laughing but still here :DD

  4. Alder Ladybius schreef:

    should be BASTARD not HAMSTER.. came on. do a remake

  5. lokona1990 schreef:

    Oooh them good old times

  6. TheDuckListener schreef:

    Nearly 11 years old now 😀 i feel soooo old.

  7. MaitreMechant schreef:

    this is 11 years old now, I feel sooooo old….

  8. ma kra schreef:

    at this point we should start a crowd funding to hire tarja to sing it with exactly these lyrics.

  9. Lunarian Mouse schreef:

    These misheard lyrics videos give me those nostalgic vibes of YouTube before 2010 alongside the club penguin music videos, notepad tutorials, and unregistered hypercam.

  10. Viktorie Hammam schreef:


  11. Pretty funny, but i had to dislike.

  12. DJ Nekkid schreef:

    never forget! Still as funny as in 2007!

  13. Ben Tyler schreef:

    Still fucking amazing after 11 years.

  14. Jonothan Thrace schreef:

    I'm glad this is still here, easily one of the first videos I saw on Youtube.

  15. Sin od Pileta schreef:

    I lost it at "I can hear the call of hurricane rofl"

  16. Plejaren xDelta schreef:

    Dude this is not only brilliant, it is ART!!!

  17. KickingAssDaily schreef:

    11 fucking years. I was still in high school, picking the seeds out of my weed. Nodded out burning cigarette holes in the sheets, then wake up and eat a bowl of Kaptain Krunch and go back to sleep.

  18. GladRags schreef:

    11 years since I first saw this. Time is flying. Fuck.

  19. Eddie Brooks schreef:

    11 years!!! Where I have been?!

  20. sphamedia schreef:

    11 ywars and still funny

  21. H3nkkap schreef:

    After 11 years…… I still sing this at work……

  22. Kupinghuej2 schreef:

    I can't believe I used to watch this video and play runescape ten years ago. Those were the days

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