Witt Lowry – Phone (feat. GJan) Lyrics

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I hope you enjoy 🙂

Purchase Witt’s new album “I Could Not Plan This”: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/i-could-not-plan-this/id1276357629

Witt Lowry –


GJan –


Lyrical –


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29 thoughts on “Witt Lowry – Phone (feat. GJan) Lyrics

  1. Doggy Gaming schreef:

    I love what you did with the "Witt" on the phone

  2. Benno'sTraps schreef:


  3. VICTOR VARELA schreef:

    I'm speechless this is beyond amazing, #TeamWitt Til I Die No Matter What.

  4. _iTzRiazPvP ツ schreef:

    ur lyric video might aswell be the vevo the detail in it in amazing

  5. S KF schreef:

    YES !!! Was asking for it, appreciate it so fucking much, THANKS !

  6. @Lyrical!. YOOO I crave your videos for some reason haha. Look how short my vis are youtube com/XimerTracks Tell me if you like it

  7. S KF schreef:

    Any chance you did Logic – Welcome to Forever? Would mean so much
    KEEP IT UP !

  8. Now i am so fucking proud that i am lithuanian #wittxgjan

  9. DatPokéKid schreef:

    This by far is my favorite record on the album, well its tie with Last Letter, but still.

  10. Static Stormz schreef:

    Never thought a lyric video would make song better. Great job, keep them coming!

  11. Team Ruthless schreef:

    One of my favorite songs of all time

  12. SupremeSounds schreef:

    So glad u uploaded the lyrics other lyric videos on the album are so bad ❤

  13. L Bow schreef:

    I'm pretty sure his girl wouldn't put his stage name on her phone over his real name

  14. I love this video! You should do movies next!!!

  15. Hans Vers schreef:

    can you please do Witt lowry "lay here" your channel is lit !!

  16. Heda schreef:

    Legit been with you since 2014, I remember being obsessed with "You" by Witty, you had like 1k subs or something, just remember I've been with you for a while. <3

  17. Dalton Triputra schreef:

    Are yall gonna do the whole album?

  18. Jordan Parker schreef:

    I love the phone in the background. I don't know how you put this video together in such short time but it's brilliant and pretty accurate

  19. Favorite song on the album. Love it so much. Thanks a bunch for this, lyrical! <3 Much love, bro.

  20. Eloise The Gamer schreef:

    Yes I'm so glad you done the lyrics for this song. It's my favourite on the album. I keeps it on repeat.

  21. Rylee Osborn schreef:

    I love him, I can always relate to every song, I love this song.

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