Wolf Alice – Yuk Foo (Lyric Video)

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Yuk Foo by Wolf Alice
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35 thoughts on “Wolf Alice – Yuk Foo (Lyric Video)

  1. Manny Hedges schreef:

    I don't know what Isaac from slaves has got in his spunk but it must be pretty fucking hardcore

  2. saul gutierrez schreef:

    Babe's in toyland vibes !!!!!

  3. Franklin Crozier schreef:

    I think she might be a bit angry

  4. Shonz25 schreef:

    if this song doesn't stop them from being underrated, i will end my life

  5. MVR9467 schreef:

    I miss Ellie, i cant wait to ear the new album

  6. Codi Kode schreef:

    Dear millennials, There are no safe zones in the mosh pit.

  7. Is it just the flashing of the image, or does anyone else see their heads moving?? o.o

  8. Sam B schreef:

    It's weird that it bothers me that it's Yuk Foo and not Yuck Fou (which would just be switching the first letters) or like an anagram lol, I can't make sense of the title, but it's still a poppin' song!

  9. miked4309 schreef:

    just saw wolf alice..sounds like the new songs are very experimental.

  10. MrDLOC11 schreef:

    Shampoo meets Public Image ltd

  11. sgu03cjb schreef:

    This video is a massive F you to epileptics

  12. Lepton schreef:

    Watch this in 144p and they sometimes change into zombies

  13. lewis knight schreef:

    Fuck me wolf Alice just get better and better

  14. Caustic schreef:

    I'm prob the only one who thinks her voice is hot in this song

  15. der81er x schreef:

    if you're complaining about strobe lights, maybe god doesn't want you to listen to Wolf Alice

  16. Joe Cee schreef:

    How i feel about my last girlfriend.

  17. TheDragonPlayer schreef:

    This Music Video is Eye Rape

  18. 'Say hello to Franck black !….

  19. just a quick comment all yoo young ones as im prob the oldest(in age) WA has as a no.1 fan …i was a first gen punk rock chick back in 79 xxx l accidentally stumbled on WA just 2weks ago & Am n love with this song along with fluffy, you're a germ but my whole forever Fave; lyrics & tune I just lv lv lv over & again Don't delete the kisses xxx So Glad I caught this Artist I cant help but getting up & bouncing aroud the sofa as if I were 16., Age doesn't  matter when it comes to music as they say, it be,the food of love ;-))XXX-       "When the music hits you, there is no pain''(Bob Marley)    &  Major Shout out to all yoo Fuks  who already love this shit!!! Its awesome for releasing energy in a good way to get rid of any pent up muck in your playground!! Don't let your mind Ever be overrun with anything that don't make you feel better than jumping around singing & dancing with your guitar or mike or even the hairbrush as we,ve all done that!    So Go Now grab ''your'' mike & Go Rock on with WA ;-**XXXx im going to blast my neighbour  xJusT OncE MorE x Again, lol xx one last tune for the road before I settle  down for my herbal vape & watch a movie ;-))XX  Peace Out too u All  x  &  Love who u wanna!!!(mz.Joda)

  20. I promised my mum not to listen to music with so many swears in it.

    mum are you proud

  21. My favorite Wolf alice Song !

  22. William Noland schreef:

    As someone who grew up listening to punk music..This song sounds like a modern kind of punk rock..2017 Punk with '77 style ANGST

  23. Guru Gee schreef:

    Fucking Brilliant!

  24. Tyler Z Wong schreef:

    It's so ironic. Last night I watched doc film about Kathleen Hanna…….Then I type Wolf Alice – Yuk Foo because it's their new single. Know it On their fb page. Walla. This song. It's so FUCKTORIOUSLY AWESOME!!!!!!!

  25. Craig Holmlund schreef:

    Reminds me of Bikini Kill, I like it.

  26. Rub Vix schreef:

    Oh dear, this was all done in 1977-80. It doesn't really shock anymore!

  27. Shawn T schreef:

    I just like how this video is just them standing in front of the strobe and it's not a still picture. Great song!

  28. dubseedz757 schreef:

    This band is sick.. Just started listening to em..

  29. Liam Anderson schreef:

    Much 'Deceptacon – le tigre' vibezz

  30. It's official: my least favorite Wolf Alice song, by far. It doesn't come close to anything on My Love Is Cool, alas.

  31. Dennis Jacobs schreef:

    I just love their music. Ellie and all of them are good musicians.

  32. AlternateJunkie schreef:

    I'm in love with wolf Alice

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