36 thoughts on “Wrecking Ball Lyrics

  1. Anime 4 life schreef:

    Why do I feel like this is sledges song from R6 sige

  2. G star schreef:

    If I go on the voice im singing this song

  3. Kili vB schreef:

    *I love music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Aarti Patheja schreef:

    Why we like this song? Anybody can tell answer

  5. Ani NL schreef:

    I think the bridge is wrong. It's not, "In". Its, "Win".

  6. iLiketigerz101 schreef:

    RIP Hannah Montana Disney Childhood :'''(

  7. Ruby Pua schreef:

    All I wanted was to break your walls!!!! I love aot

  8. Faith schreef:

    I came in like a EEEEEHHHHHHH Ssundee meme 2016-2017 (I think)

  9. Reeçe Attwater schreef:

    I came in like a rocking wall

  10. Lost Ark Gaming schreef:

    2:20 and instead of using porn? Lol

  11. Wiki Kiki schreef:

    1:01 Let me correct you , : I glitch , you hide up in the sky and now your not coming down.

  12. prasanna kumari schreef:

    superbbbb voiceeeeee
    superbbbbbb songggggggg

  13. M'nM mouse schreef:

    Love this.
    took along time to remember the name but. here is am

  14. Cuneyt Kaymak schreef:

    this always reminds me Christina :(( we missed you so much

  15. Shirley Lima schreef:


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