Written By Wolves – Starlight (Official Lyric Video)

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Written By Wolves’ Official lyric video for the latest release ‘Starlight

iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/to-tell-you-the-truth-starlight-single/id1272439046
Google Play – https://play.google.com/store/music/album?id=B7nukfztsg3fe2m7vyoxvgpgwfi&tid=song-Tfxwrvc5fvemmutdmizhncgzu5u

www.facebook.com/writtenbywolves www.youtube.com/writtenbywolves www.instagram.com/writtenbywolves www.twitter.com/writtenbywolves

Video – BEEJ Productions
Copyright (C) 2017. All rights reserved.



40 thoughts on “Written By Wolves – Starlight (Official Lyric Video)

  1. Lisa ;' schreef:

    i Feel it !….. i Feel it in my heart and soul….. ! Lisa ;'

  2. Martin Davies schreef:

    More like Written by Masters of Catchy Thumping Techno rock!!….Another Corker!!!!!!????

  3. Wolf Eden schreef:

    Amazing guys. Keep it up.

  4. Class X fied schreef:

    Heck yeah! This is great!

  5. jkitteh schreef:

    Was so happy to see another song, so far I have loved everything I've heard by you guys. Great job! <3 swoons over that beautiful voice brb have to fan myself off now lulz

  6. i adore the video work in this! The mountains and starlit sky really help with the theme of the song c:

  7. 1ness tyl schreef:

    Idk y my family hates u but ik I dont

  8. AppleStorm schreef:


  9. Wing-Shan Cheung schreef:

    I feel it take control of me …
    Man, that's awesome. Do ya feel it too?

  10. Lydia Luminia schreef:

    I feel this music take control of me ⭐️

  11. xSweetiePie12 schreef:

    Omg I've been waiting for lyrics for this! But why do I keep hearing "we were promised to the sky" instead? Are my ears deceiving me x_x

  12. Great job guys!!!!! Love the track!

  13. caleb martin schreef:

    This is your best song yet i love yalls stuff

  14. TheMusicalBean schreef:

    This song is going straight into my running playlist! Pretty Lies, Not Gonna Die, and Explode are perfect for running- great motivation. This one as well. Besides that, this song is amazing. Love the lyrics. Well done guys!

  15. PsychoticNinja7 schreef:

    Only a few seconds into the song aaaaand immediate fave xD Great song you guys~

  16. Ashleigh schreef:

    Love this song! You go! claps

  17. N4is schreef:

    Just like always AWESOME, I Fell in Love with the song the first few seconds already <3

  18. Lumen Umbra schreef:

    Great job, Im really happy to see you guys still making music 🙂

  19. bpwification schreef:

    For a song called starlight I did not think that it would be as intense as it was.

  20. Paradox Maki schreef:

    OMG! Finally another Written By Wolves song (Instant like). You guys are amazing and your songs always brighten my mood. Thank you so much, and keep up the good work.

  21. Shania Turner schreef:

    I have never heard of this band but the lyric video is cool.

  22. Orginal Sly Fox schreef:

    Holy Explosion Batman! This is a frickle fracking good song!!!!!

  23. masterawanxx23 schreef:

    you need more subscriber man !

  24. Why does this remind me of shotgun alley?

  25. da dude schreef:

    Yay New cool song from written by wolfes

  26. Blue Diamond schreef:


  27. Wolf Boy Wild schreef:

    it sounds so different with headphones

  28. Razzy 18126 schreef:

    There was a great many things I thought about saying in response to this. But really, your unique sound, refreshing lyrics, and fearless mixing of whatever-the-hell-you-want to make an awesome song pretty much speak for themselves. So all I can really add just boils down to me throwing my money at you and calmly stating that I will continue to do this until you retire rich and famous.

  29. yuri venom schreef:

    i love this song now XD

  30. Shelby Taylor schreef:

    I wanna dance but im in schoool >w< the only thing keeping me in my seat is my leg shaking…..

  31. Just saw this and its bloody amazing! So in love with this song! Really good job guys ??

  32. Honour Prevails schreef:

    So how many souls did you sell to the devil to be able to make music this good?

  33. Emily Pitmin schreef:

    just discovered you guys , and may I say … awesome

  34. Michael Neubert schreef:

    Har lært noget af Led Zeppelin måske ?

  35. Epice ABK schreef:

    That feels just so f*cking GOOD !!

  36. VexoMenza schreef:

    Loving the song! What made you choose the name Starlight?

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