Xenoblade Chronicles 2 [Full Soundtrack][Full OST](Not Finished)


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 [Full Soundtrack][Full OST](Not Finished)

The new version “complete” is available HERE:

(8H00 / 120 Track)


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 [Soundtrack] (Not Finished) By FCT Soundtrack

0:00|1.Where We Used To Be
3:04|2.Elysium, In The Blue Sky
6:09|3.Where It All Began
10:44|5.Argentum Trade Guild Goldmouth (Day)
14:24|6.Argentum Trade Guild Goldmouth (Night)
19:31|7.Gormott Province (Day)
26:19|8.Gormott Province (Lower Levels)
30:36|9.Gormott Province (Night)
36:18|10.Torigoth (Day)
39:51|11.Torigoth (Night)
42:07|12.Battleship Titan
46:36|13.Kingdom of Uraya (Day)
49:32|14.Kingdom of Uraya (Night)
51:53|15.Garfront (Day)
56:20|16.Garfront (Night)
1:00:34|17.Greatmaw Rapids
1:06:26|18.Fonsa Myma (Day)
1:11:37|19.Fonsa Myma (Night)
1:16:31|20.Mor Ardain (Day) Roaming the Wastes
1:22:30|21.Mor Ardain (Night)
1:28:40|22.Alba Cavanish (Day)
1:33:25|23.Alba Cavanish (Night)
1:36:26|24.Old Factory
1:39:26|25.Leftherian Archipelago (Day)
1:43:39|26.Leftherian Archipelago (Night)
1:53:44|27.Fonsett Village (Day)
1:57:47|28.Fonsett Village (Night)
2:00:49|29.Indoline Praetorium (Day)
2:05:53|30.Indoline Praetorium (Night)
2:16:20|32.Kingdom of Tantal (Day)
2:20:58|33.Kingdom of Tantal (Night)
2:25:46|34.Theosoir (Day)
2:30:44|35.Theosoir (Night) Shadow of the Lowlands
2:36:21|36.The Ancient Vessel
2:41:29|37.Spirit Crucible Elpys
2:46:00|38.Cliffs of Morytha
2:52:55|39.Land of Morytha
2:58:53|40.The World-Tree
3:02:53|41.Orbital Station
3:13:20|43.The Architect’s Atonement
3:18:52|44.Artifice Aion Battle (Final Boss)
3:25:02|45.Pneuma’s Farewell
3:28:45|46.Pneuma’s Sacrifice
3:32:59|47.Escaping The World Tree
3:35:03|48.One Last You (Ending Theme)
3:40:35|49.The Final Gift Elysium
3:43:43|50.Moving on! For the Future!
3:47:51|51.A Step Closer To The Divine
3:58:48|53.Battle!! (Battle Theme I)
4:07:59|55.Boss Battle I (Incoming!)
4:11:59|56.Boss Battle II (??)
4:15:59|57.Boss Battle IV (Zeke’s theme)
4:20:39|58.Boss Battle (Torna)
4:26:52|59.Boss Battle (Rosa)
4:31:48|60.Boss Battle (Amalthus Theme)
4:36:57|61.Battle Theme II (Driver Battle)
4:39:24|62.Battle Theme III (The World-Tree)
4:44:24|63.Battle Theme IV (??)
4:48:36|64.Battle Theme (?) (Exploration)
4:53:13|64.Unique Monster Battle
4:58:53|65.Clashing Blades
5:02:54|66.Delusions of Grandeur
5:08:00|67.Maelstrom (Storm)
5:15:21|69.War of the Aegis
5:20:41|70.Painful Memories
5:25:52|71.To Face You Once More (The Power to Accept Her)
5:33:57|73.Blade Bonding
5:37:14|74.Mercenary Mission
5:39:40|75.Theme of Zeke
5:44:20|76.A Nopon’s Life

Attention :
Follows in a comment, it seems that some music is missing.
As soon as possible I added missing musics, but that is going to take time.

Official Soundtrack of the Game.
All rights to rightful owners.

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