Ylvis – Stonehenge [Official music video HD] [Explicit lyrics]

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Czech, german, polish and italian subtitles.
Ylvis – [Official music video playlist HD]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jofNR_WkoCE&list=PLfNe3nGQENtP3VCn1t1pybju9ffSPBohU

Musikkvideo fra talkshowet I Kveld med YLVIS på TVNorge. Tirsdager og torsdager kl. 21.30.


Music video from the Norwegian talk show I kveld med YLVIS.


Music by L.Devik/V.Ylvisåker/B.Ylvisåker
Lyrics by V.Ylvisåker/B.Ylvisåker/C.Løchstøer
Produced by Johannes Groth & Lars Devik – PhatCat Studios


SBS Discovery © 2013



26 thoughts on “Ylvis – Stonehenge [Official music video HD] [Explicit lyrics]

  1. Sierrah Norman schreef:

    I like to pretend this is just a commercial for the Honda Civic.

  2. Die Legende schreef:

    I don't wanna imagine how much they'd have to pay in Germany for this brutally undeclared product placements that could make poor kids wanting to buy it…

  3. Kayllane Pereira schreef:

    I am brazilian and i love you're so much

  4. Jared Aceves schreef:

    2017 and still watching this

  5. No Damage schreef:

    Good news: recently discovered were bones of soldiers buried with their axes, and axes were seen to have been carved in the stones. Stonehenge was an ancient burial ground after a massacre. The meaning is that it's a memorial.

  6. Marian M schreef:

    ?? i love this guy. But really WTF?

  7. E. A. schreef:

    It's just a f*cking STONEHENGE!!!

  8. JasperBroadcasts schreef:

    Why does he look like Justin Trudeau?

  9. Sheet Duck4 schreef:

    This should be our national anthem.

  10. Sydnie Hardy schreef:

    This was published four years ago today, and I still don't know the meaning of stonehenge

  11. Milmiskew schreef:

    Ylvis introduced me to curse words exactly 4 years ago today.

    EDIT: I didn’t even realize it was 4 years ago today until I checked the description.

  12. Brittany Cater schreef:

    I can't wait to see Stonehenge next week and belt this

  13. Khairudin Rahman schreef:

    I admire how they create this music…awsome

  14. Thomas Jefferson schreef:

    I just realised none of my friends have ever watched this of course I had to educate them

  15. Action Buddy schreef:

    Epically terrible… 😉

  16. Who the fuck builds a Stonehenge ? 😀

  17. 周淑芬 schreef:

    so,what's meaning of the Stonehenge?

  18. Aqui eh Brazil porra! A gente te ama caralhooooooooo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. Alois Trancy schreef:

    "Then she plays with my balls" oh. oh.. Oh… OH….

  20. The meaning of Stonehenge is a Honda Civic commercial. You're welcome

  21. Mist-heart schreef:

    We watched this in 10th grade mythology, because Stonehenge was part of the unit (probably stuff about the mythologies of that particular area). The teacher had not seen the video or listened to the song before.

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