Young Summer – Taken (Official Lyric Video)

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47 thoughts on “Young Summer – Taken (Official Lyric Video)

  1. slim mnissri schreef:

    Caben Fever 2016 bought me here

  2. Don Boscorelli schreef:

    The one redeeming quality of Cabin Fever 2016

  3. Mavic Scenes schreef:

    Wow such a good song paired to such a bad movie. Had I not taken the chance, I would have missed out on this awesome song.

  4. Jenny Rose Dato schreef:

    Your music is beautiful…. I Love this song!!!

  5. MrJackyle schreef:

    I heard it watching iZombie. The whole show suddenly just fade away. All I wanted to do is to find that song.

  6. Luna Bug schreef:

    iZombie brought me here…such a beautiful, emotional song.

  7. José Herráez schreef:

    One of the most beautiful songs I have listened in quite some time.

  8. r reeves schreef:

    Someone give Rob Thomas (iZombie) a radio show!

  9. KandytheKitty schreef:

    hands down, one of my favorite songs <3

  10. What a song. ❤️ Voice, melody, splash of 80s, and lyrics to dream about. Perfect. A one in a million.

  11. Belen Calvillo schreef:

    Omg this song is just sooooo perfect

  12. Jon O.O schreef:

    Searched far and wide! and at long last I have found you! Sooo gooood! Thank God!!!! 🙂

  13. Laras Farmer schreef:

    iZombie brought me here

  14. adamh3624 schreef:

    Cabin Fever….same.

  15. lets sing schreef:

    Someone else here because of iZombie? 🙂

  16. JoAnn S. schreef:

    Just heard this song at the end of Teen Mom OG and went to the soundtrack and found it. Love this…beautiful!!!

  17. Snta González schreef:

    Came here cuz of teen mom og

  18. Dulcis schreef:

    This is so amazing, been addicted to the new album for weeks now

  19. Matthew K. schreef:

    Why are likes and dislikes turned off?

  20. Marc Santiago schreef:

    The song was ok, but that synth part is to die for.

  21. I will always love you dear Matthew ,always ! Yours I. 🙁

  22. Manuel Ruiz schreef:

    Cabin Fever 2016 brought me here . Nice song!!

  23. Yellow Dough schreef:

    love this song, so much soul and heart felt… one heart beat to listening you again, thanks young summer… i feel ya.

  24. came here because of Izombie… so thanks for the show… this is the perfect song for that scene
    this song is really good and the melody is awesome

  25. Sam schreef:

    This song makes me feel like I'm flying to be honest… it!!!!!

  26. _ Beethoven schreef:

    i heard this song on cabin fever.

  27. luisfl97 schreef:

    Pandora brought me here 🙂

  28. blackb00ty007 schreef:

    That stupid remake of the Cabin Fever brought me here

  29. teen mom brought me here

  30. domi r schreef:

    I heard this song on PLL and then IZombie both of them are good shows 🙂

  31. Belen Calvillo schreef:

    Heard it on cabin feaver love it perfect in everyway

  32. Aliszjalla xo schreef:

    Holy shit i finally found it!! ?

  33. Gurthing schreef:

    My favourite song.

  34. Enlit Audio schreef:

    Such a pretty song. Makes my heart falter. ♥️♥️

  35. Amani Person schreef:

    I've been hooked for two weeks now? love this song!

  36. brisa orjes schreef:

    Se parece mucho a she de jen foster

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