YOUR LOVE! – Daithi De Nogla

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juni 5, 2015
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juni 11, 2015
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Relistening to this myself I notice quite a few errors which is okay. This is something that I felt like putting out there now because if I left it until I felt it was perfect it would have never seen the light of day hahah Anyways any advice to help feel free and if you’re mad enough to download it here ya go: (P.S. Lyrics and chords below) Oh and the reason I look tired is because I was sick for a few days but im better now. Thank you!

Also you may use the song in to remix etc just give credit and tis all good!!

Lyrics and chords:

Gm7, Cm7, F7, B7
Your looks could kill the pain I feel,
Your thrills are all i wanna gain.
I’ve been hoping and soul searching
To find it in the one

Cm7, Em7, Gm7, F7
I am wondering, how you wandered in
I am asking are you staying, or would you like to stay in..

Cause I..

Gm7, Cm7
Love to live and I live for you,
F7, B7
I live to love and I love you x2
Oooooh etc…

Gm7, Cm7, F7, B7
Your lips could heal the scars they deal,
Youre unreal, its so surreal that youre mine.
I’ve been wishing and day dreaming
Ineffable, unexplainable, come rain or shine oh I’ll..

Gm7, Cm7
Love to live, I’ll live for you
F7, B7
I’ll live to love, I’ll love you x2
Oooooooh etc x2

The end!

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